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Cellar at Scolton Manor
Cellar at Scolton Manor

Do you have a collection?

The aim of the Pembrokeshire Virtual Museum is to provide a comprehensive and complete resource of the County's historical past.

At present, the majority of the collections and artefacts displayed on the website are from the County Museum at Scolton Manor. If you own or know of any items, whether they are postcards, photographs, maps or other historical documents, or any artefacts or relics that have a particular importance to the county, please get in touch.

Due to the nature of the Virtual Museum, items can be displayed without the original leaving the hands of the owner. All that is required is for the item to be digitised by either taking a scan or a photograph of the item. The original is then returned to the owner, whilst the digital copy goes on display.

As the popularity and importance of the Internet continues to grow, the issue of copyright remains an issue for many people. Any items displayed on the website are the copyright of  the Museum Service, unless they are clearly accredited to another organisation or individual.

In order to prevent people from stealing any of the images and using them for their own benefit, we have implemented several preventative techniques, such as digital watermarking, removing right-click options, and limiting the size and resolution of the images

If you have a collection that you feel is important to the history of the County, please contact us to discuss the possibility of displaying your items on the Pembrokeshire Virtual Museum website.


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